Inverted B&W

B-2 over Soldier Field

pictured above; an inverted black and white image of the B-2 Stealth Bomber as it flew directly overhead Like most mornings, I hopped on to Twitter to see what was going on and I saw an intriguing tweet from @PilotB2 (he’s an actual B-2 pilot) that said a B-2 would fly over the Bears game this…read more

#BoombergConnects Instameet

#BloombergConnects instameet

One of the best parts about participating in the Chicago Instagram community is the cool photo ops that come our way. Instagram is a great photo sharing app, but it’s also a powerful networking tool. Last night was no exception as a bunch of us visited the Art Institute after-hours for Bloomberg Philanthropies’ first Chicago-Based #BloombergConnects…read more