Special Events

NYE 2013  The Crystal Gardens

Nick Ulivieri Photography is available to capture your event and all the details that deserve to be remembered in the years to come. We provide professional quality photographs, to record the complete essence of your event. This means photographing all…

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Wild Weather

Peoples Choice Weather Spotlight Winner in CBS 2s Capture My Chicago photo contest

Nick Ulivieri Photography has been working pro bono for Mother Nature since 2009. Beautiful cloud formations and sunrises continuously beg to be permanently captured. Thunderstorms and blizzards display the beauty and awe of Illinois weather. These moments are worth preserving…

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For The Dick Butkus Foundation

Nick Ulivieri Photography shoots sporting event and action photographs for various organizations, groups, teams and parents. We “stop the action” to enjoy the moments that may go unnoticed at life speed. These moments permeate all levels of every sport, and…

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Commercial/Residential Architecture

It’s the photographs of your property that have the ability to interest a potential buyer. The words two bedroom and two bathroom don’t give you any insight into the look of the space. Having a high quality visual creates a…

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Food & Restaurant Photography

People eat with their eyes first, so an appetizing photo makes a big difference to a hungry customer. A picture that captures the intricate detail of a dish lets the customer know exactly what they will be eating. In today’s…

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