Passion Meets Purpose

Nick Ulivieri

I’ve always been an artistically creative person, but photography was not the career path I planned to follow. After studying marketing at Bradley University, I started my career in the advertising world at a boutique Chicago ad agency where I wore a lot of hats, so to speak. Here, my passion for branding and visual design really flourished. While working closely with clients to build their brand identities, I developed a desire to directly impact a company’s creative look, and I soon realized I could do that with a medium I enjoyed much more than strategy meetings; photography.

In 2010 I left the agency world behind and began a new career when I opened Nick Ulivieri Photography. Since then, I’ve been lucky enough to embody the spirit of the saying, “when you love what you do it’s not work”. I’m extremely passionate about creating captivating imagery and it has been a joy to watch my photographs enrich my clients’ marketing efforts and I hope to do the same for you. When I’m not creating images for my clients, I’m often found wandering the great city of Chicago trying to photograph every aspect of it, in any weather…even when it’s -15°.

The greek letter gamma, which in physics, is the symbol that denotes a photon – the elementary particle of light. Photography was created from the greek root words photo (light) and graph (something written). It quite literally means writing with light.