2020 Chicago Desktop Calendar

2020 NU calendar by month

All 150 of my 2020 desktop calendars have sold out! If you got your hands on a calendar, and are here to learn more about the photos – thanks for stopping by! COVER:  In late spring of 2019, I toured…

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Inside the Coffer Dam at One Chicago

Coffer Dam at One Chicago

Late in October, I spent some time in One Chicago‘s coffer dam, capturing the action for Power Construction. This was my first of many visits to the construction site during the project’s lifetime. The goal of this visit was to…

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The Park at 150 N. Riverside

Photo depicts 150 N Riversides park on a sunny fall day

Architecture photography requires patience. You’re waiting on the sun to move, clouds to part, people to shift. The list goes on. For a lot of my projects, I use a “hurry up and wait” strategy. I get to where I…

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#HelicopterHenge – Chicagohenge from above

Sunset behind the skyline on the fall equinox

I’ve wanted to capture Chicagohenge from the air – particularly on the actual equinox – for about four or five years now. But between unfavorable weather, pilots’ schedule, and my project schedule, it never panned out – until yesterday, September 23rd….

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Wolf Point East renderings

Wolf Point East pool terrace  Rendering by Steelblue

I’ve been shooting various aspects of Wolf Point East for Hines and The Walsh Group – the project’s developer and general contractor, respectively – since early 2018. I’ve visited the site to photograph Walsh’s teams in action, document the structure’s…

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Skyscraper-scraping shelf cloud

Skyscraper scraping shelf cloud

Few things compare to capturing a shelf cloud invading the city. The otherworldly-ness of this cloud formation’s texture, shape, and moody light makes for truly unique scenes. Especially when it dwarfs Chicago’s skyline. And their rarity makes them especially satisfying…

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Farnsworth House – Geometry of Light Preview

Farnsworth House X Geometry Of Light

On June 14th I was invited out to Farnsworth House for a preview of #GeometryOfLight – a collaboration between Luftwerk & Iker Gil. The installation will be open to the public from October 11th though the 13th. You can get your…

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A decade of lightning photography

Lightning over Italy

On May 27, 2009 – a decade ago – I caught my first bolt of lightning during a vacation in Italy (see above). It was the early evening and we were getting ready to head off to a big dinner…

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Lightning Storm

Night Lightning

I set-up my gear and watched as towering clouds incessantly lit up over the south suburbs on Friday night. Instead of shooting wide, I zoomed in for some close-ups. I loved how the serpentine bolts were illuminating the textures formed…

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Snokeh – freezing snow in its place

Chicago Snokeh

I crave winter snowstorms. And one of the ways I like to add variety to my winterscapes is by capturing ‘snokeh.’ Snokeh is a mash-up of ‘snow’ and ‘bokeh’ and it’s is a technique I started experimenting with last winter. This…

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