Views from the window washers corner office

Willis Tower: Views from the 90th floor rooftop

To help celebrate the  50th anniversary of Willis Tower, the Skydeck team invited me and a few other photographers (like Mike Meyers and Barry Butler) onto the 90th level roof to take in the views.

The evening started off cloudy and overcast, but just around sunset the clouds parted for the sun to paint the sky in various hues of orange, red, and magenta. And yes, it was windy up there. Strong up drafts and eddies swirled as the wind struck the tower and flowed up over the ledge.

Interesting fact: the 90th level setback of Willis Tower – at 1,186′ is the third tallest *roof* in the city. St. Regis’ roof is #2, and Willis’ uppermost roof is (obviously) #1. With that summit, I’ve officially been on 21,586 feet of rooftops in Chicago. I still want to get on the tippy top, but that’s for another day.

I don’t have much else to say, so here’s some photos to tell the story for me.