Rework Office Furniture 8211 Power Construction8217s Luxury Residence Group

Rework Office Furniture – Power Construction’s Luxury Residence Group

I recently photographed Power Construction’s Luxury Residence Group‘s new office at The Mart for the team at Rework Office Furniture.

For Rework, this was more than just a furniture selection and installation project. Not only did they aid in space planning, but they also used their experience to decommission and donate old furniture and refurbish and reupholster some of Power’s existing furniture to give it new life.

Despite some of Power’s employees already occupying the space, I was able to work around them – and they were friendly enough move when necessary. The space is beautifully lit and well proportioned which made for many pleasing compositions

I could go on, but Rework’s case study does a far better job at detailing the project. Check it out here