Chcagohenge 2023

Chicagohenge 2023 – Spring has officially arrived!

Spring is officially here! I wasn’t sure I’d go out and shoot Chicagohenge tonight, but the satellite looked promising enough to get out there. I’ve shot Chicagohenge a handful of times, and a lot of my photos look the same for years past. Sp onstead of the usual spots now packed with photographers and sun-worshipers alike, I tried my luck on Wacker Drive.

It’s kind of an interesting spot because the canyon formed by the river is so wide that one has a lot of freedom to move around and chase the sun as it sets. Moving north or south along the bridges that span the river can ‘move’ the sun dramatically relative to the skyscrapers in the distance.

Now that Salesforce Tower is complete (at least 95% of the exterior is wrapped-up) I thought the narrow space between Wolf Point and River Point could provide a new ‘henge opportunity. It was a bit cloudy, but the sun popped out just in time for me to catch it settling in for the right where I wanted.

Below are a few other images I made of Salesforce and the Wolf Point development. Now, bring on the spring thunderstorms…