Skyline Views

A New View

As usual, I’m behind on blogging because it’s been an incredibly busy year. In addition to a slew of client work, my wife (@AmyUlo) moved in the middle of summer! Yes, after living in University Village for 15-ish years we’ve moved a whopping 1,800…feet. Now we’re in Pilsen-proper with a north facing view of the skyline.

We loved the south facing balcony and hanging feet above the BNSF railroad. That view was my muse when I first started shooting, and it’s where I honed my lightning photography skill. Here’s a look back at some of my favorite shots from over the years.

But for many reasons it was time for a change. So this past June we moved into our new home. The good news is, we still have the trains! We’re just on the other side of the tracks now — and about 200 feet further, and higher, away. The better news is that we finally have a clear view of the skyline. I certainly intend to ‘chase’ storms around the city, but it’s nice knowing this view is always here when storms (or epic sunsets or sunrises) occur and I can’t get out to shoot them.

Here’s a look at what I’ve captured in the few months we’ve lived here.