Skyscraper-scraping shelf cloud

Skyscraper scraping shelf cloud

Few things compare to capturing a shelf cloud invading the city. The otherworldly-ness of this cloud formation’s texture, shape, and moody light makes for truly unique scenes. Especially when it dwarfs Chicago’s skyline. And their rarity makes them especially satisfying…

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Farnsworth House – Geometry of Light Preview

Farnsworth House X Geometry Of Light

On June 14th I was invited out to Farnsworth House for a preview of #GeometryOfLight – a collaboration between Luftwerk & Iker Gil. The installation will be open to the public from October 11th though the 13th. You can get your…

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A decade of lightning photography

Lightning over Italy

On May 27, 2009 – a decade ago – I caught my first bolt of lightning during a vacation in Italy (see above). It was the early evening and we were getting ready to head off to a big dinner…

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Lightning Storm

Night Lightning

I set-up my gear and watched as towering clouds incessantly lit up over the south suburbs on Friday night. Instead of shooting wide, I zoomed in for some close-ups. I loved how the serpentine bolts were illuminating the textures formed…

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Snokeh – freezing snow in its place

Chicago Snokeh

I crave winter snowstorms. And one of the ways I like to add variety to my winterscapes is by capturing ‘snokeh.’ Snokeh is a mash-up of ‘snow’ and ‘bokeh’ and it’s is a technique I started experimenting with last winter. This…

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New Year’s 2019!

2018 12 31 New Years Eve 2019 WEB 19 1360215907

From multiple bridges and barges stationed along the the main branch of the Chicago River, fireworks rang out to celebrate New Year’s 2019. In addition to fireworks at Navy Pier, Chicago added this secondary display and I wanted a unique vantage point to document the new celebration. That’s where my friends at Hines came in. In order to get the shots I envisioned, they arranged access to River Point’s 9th floor terrace. It was the prefect elevated vantage point to look east down the river. We arrived around 10:30pm to set-up and start taking test shots. Promptly at midnight, the show began. It didn’t last long – about six minutes – so I didn’t have much time or space to experiment with different angles or techniques. However, one of the happiest accidents was the reflections in 333 W Wacker’s curving glass curtain wall. I hoped to catch them but wasn’t sure how the angles would work out. My settings varied a bit from shot to shot, but in general I was shooting at f/14, ISO 320, at 3-5 seconds.

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2019 Chicago Calendar

Calendar Photos WEB 1 1024215863

It’s that time of the year again! My 2019 calendar full of Chicago cityscapes is here! If you got your hands on a calendar, and are here to learn more about the photos – thanks for stopping by! JANUARY: Between…

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151 N Franklin Project Highlight

151 N Franklin for The John Buck Company

In mid-August, I undertook a project for the John Buck Company to photograph one of their newest properties: 151 N Franklin. It’s the newest and most technologically advanced Class A office tower in company’s portfolio. Designed by John Ronan Architects, the tower…

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150 N. Riverside | Final Photos

150 N Riverside hero shot

150 N. Riverside is one of the first skyscrapers I documented from start to finish. As such, it holds a special place in my heart when it comes to Chicago architecture. So when Goettsch Partners (150’s architect) & Riverside I.D. (150’s…

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2018 Chicago Calendar

chicago calendar photography

My 2018 calendar if full of Chicago cityscapes taken throughout the year. If you got your hands on a calendar, and are here to learn more about the photos – thanks for stopping by! If you still need to purchase…

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