An image of the One Chicago development blending sunset with blue hour

One Chicago: A birds-eye view

Scheduling sunset-to-blue hour shoots are always challenging; especially when you require special access. But on Friday night the weather cooperated and I was able to capture some dynamic images of the One Chicago development with the help of my friends at Power Construction. To get these photos, I was permitted access to a neighboring building’s rooftop where construction crews have placed an OxBlue time-lapse camera.

The 76-story main tower is still climbing to its final height of 971′ while the secondary tower stands 49 stories tall (574′) and recently topped-off. The design is a collaboration between Hartshorne Plunkard Architecture and Goettsch Partners.

I can’t wait to see how One Chicago looks from this perch once it’s all glassed-up and open to residents.

Since I had a hard time picking my favorite shot for the post’s feature photo, I blended two together. A literal sunset-to-blue hour photo. But this gallery features a few of my favorite single frames from the summit.

Want to get a sense for how fast these towers are growing?  Just 16 months ago, crews were excavating the cofferdam. If you want to see those photos, check out this post.