Team Italian Stallions  Polar Plunge 10

Photo Blog | Polar Plunge 2011 @ North Avenue Beach

Yesterday I had the pleasure of being the official “unofficial” photographer for the Phil Stefani Siganature Restaurants Polar Plunge team;  The Italian Satllions.   It was my first time checking out the event despite the fact its been held at North Avenue Beach for the past 11 years.  I had a awesome time with my friends and got some great shots.   This was the first year “Team Stefani” took the plunge and the 7 brave souls were able to raise over $10,000!  I hear they are already planning a bigger and better showing for next year…Now I just need to get a waterproof housing for my camera and I’ll be right there with them!

I even brought along my GoPro HERO waterproof camera and strapped it to  Chef Daniel Vogel’s head.  Knowing he had the responsibility of capturing awesome footage, he was brave enough to go “all-in”.  Unfortunately the video didn’t come out.  Bummer.  Hey Daniel!  Want to go back to the beach today to re-shoot??  Didn’t think so.

Congratulations again guys!