The landing approach to Midway

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Nick Ulivieri | 11.8.11

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I haven’t been blogging too much lately, not on my blog anyway.  With my #ChicagoLandmarks project in full swing, most of my posts have been focused on Chicago and  posted over at The Local Tourist. So when I was thumbing through some old photos yesterday, I stumbled upon some of my shots out of airplane windows.

I don’t fly often, but when I do, I’m likely to have my camera packed in my carry-on.  This easy access means I’m also likely to be taking photos during the flight.  Shuttling through the air so high above the surface of Earth is definitely a unique vantage point, and can lead to some stunning images. 

The clouds, the sky, and the ground look much different than what we’re use to seeing on Terra Ferma.  The next time you fly, forgo the aisle seat, and saddle up next to the window.  Sure it’s inconvenient if you “gotta go”, but at least your pictures and view will be much more interesting.

The photos included in this set spanned two flights: One from Puerto Vallarta to Chicago; and the other from Minnesota to Chicago.


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