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Nick Ulivieri | 10.11.11

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Fall is in full-swing in Illinois.  The weather in the region has been great, and the colors brilliant.  These photos were taken in Chicago, Rockford, and at Edward’s Apple Orchard in Poplar Grove, Illinois.

Do you know why leaves change color and fall in fall?  During the summer months trees produce chlorophyll to aid in photosynthesis – it’s also what gives leaves their green color.  But in the fall & winter, there isn’t enough light for efficient photosynthesis to take place.  So the trees go into hibernation-mode by shutting down their food making “factories”.  As chlorophyll productions ceases, it literally drains from the leaves leaving behind the yellows and reds of fall.  But this website explains it in much greater detail if you’re interested. 

Happy Fall, all!