Sunshine on a cloudy day 8211 A 2 frame panorama

Cruising Lake Michigan

Two things I haven’t done in a long time; Gone out on Lake Michigan and posting a photo on my blog just for fun. So often I spend hours putting together elaborate blog posts that aim to teach or showcase the work I do for my clients. But in this post, I’m just sharing what I think is a pretty cool photo from a vantage point I’ve never shot from before.

Last night I had the pleasure of attending the Greater North Michigan Avenue Association‘s Summer Cruise aboard the “Chicago’s First Lady” cruise liner. Naturally my camera was in tow. While it looked to be a pretty overcast evening, the clouds did part enough to let some sunlight spill through. This particular shot is a 2-frame panorama… surprise, surprise. Speaking of long, detailed blog posts, maybe my next one will be focus on how I create panoramas.

You can see the rest of the photos in my Flickr set