Example Mosaic 8211 The Realtor Building Chicago 5000 tiles

#ChicagoLandmarks: The Photo-Mosaic Project

I’ve been taking pictures of Chicago for quite a while, but it wasn’t until this spring of 2011 that I wanted to do something special with them.  The plan is to capture 5,000-7,000 unique photos to assemble into one giant  image of our city. Can you say overwhelming?  I’m only up to about 1,000 photos so I still have a long way to go, but hope you’ll follow me along on my journey. The end goal is to create a giant photomosaic using all of the photos I’ve collected. At this point in time, I hope to be end up with a 5’x7′ print (that’s in feet!) that I can display for all to see – and in great detail.

This is going to be a long-term project for me, so over the course of the project  I’ll be posting full photo-sets, interesting finds, personal accounts, and spotlights on iconic Chicago structures, buildings, and locations under the hashtag #ChicagoLandmarks to make the time pass a little bit faster!

Hope you enjoy!

Project Updates:

1. UPDATE (9.15.11): #ChicagoLandmarks is now appearing on The Local Tourist: Well, it appears my project is gaining some attention so I’ve taken the #ChicagoLandmarks posts to The Local Tourist to allow more people to follow me along my journey.  You can keep up to date on my posts by checking in on my profile. I’ll continue to update this page whenever a new #ChicagoLandmarks post is added to The Local Tourists, when I upload sets of photos, and general updates on where I am at in the process. Stay tuned!

2. UPDATE (9.16.11): “#ChicagoLandmarks | John Hancock Center” post is up at The Local Tourist

3. UPDATE (9.28.11): “#ChicagoLandmarks | Hollywood Style” post is up at The Local Tourist

4. UPDATE (10.11.11): “#ChicagoLandmarks | The Adler Planetarium” post is up at The Local Tourist 

5. UPDATE (10.12.11): You can view MOST of the photos I’ve taken specifically for the #ChicagoLandmarks project on my Zenfolio page here.  I’m officially nearing 1,000 photos.   

6. UPDATE (10.20.11): “#ChicagoLandmarks | The Wrigley Building” post is up at The Local Tourist

7. UPDATE (11.7.11): “#ChicagoLandmarks | The Field Musum” post is up at The Local Tourist

8. UPDATE (11.14.11): “#ChicagoLandmarks | Carbon & Carbide” post is up at The Local Tourist

9. UPDATE (11.22.11): “#ChicagoLandmarks | The Reliance Building” post is up at The Local Tourist

10. UPDATE (11.30.11): “#ChicagoLandmarks | Cloud Gate” post is up at The Local Tourist

The photo-mosaic in this post was my inspiration to make my own Chicago themed photo-mosaic.  I created this mosaic for GNP Realty Partners, managers of the Realtor Building featured in this image. After spending a few months documenting the re-cladding of the Realtor Building, and the re-construction of the Plaza of the Americas directly next to the Realtor Building for GNP, I wanted to do something unique with the large collection of photos I amassed over the 3 months I spent visiting the site.  This mosaic is made up of 5,000 tiles, however, I only had 900 unique images, so needless to say the photos had to repeat. I think the end result is still pretty impressive. Though my #ChicagoLandmarks mosaic should blow this one out of the water!