151 N Franklin for The John Buck Company

151 N Franklin Project Highlight

In mid-August, I undertook a project for the John Buck Company to photograph one of their newest properties: 151 N Franklin. It’s the newest and most technologically advanced Class A office tower in company’s portfolio. Designed by John Ronan Architects, the tower stands 568 feet tall and has achieved a LEED Gold rating.

The goal of this photography project was simple. Create a comprehensive library of high-quality images of the tower’s exterior and amenity spaces for The John Buck Company. The building houses CNA Financial’s corporate headquarters, the law offices of Hinshaw & Culbertson, and Facebook.

After the initial project walkthrough, we was determined three separate photoshoots were necessary to create the right mix of imagery. Over the course of those three visits, I photographed aspects of the building multiple times to ensure the best shots. Here are some of the final images.

Shoot A

The first photoshoot focused on all of the interior spaces (lobby, fitness center, conference center,) along with the 35th floor Sky Garden and second floor terrace. This was the most comprehensive of the three photoshoots. We scheduled the shoot to begin before dawn in order to have ample time for image capture before tenants streamed into the building.

Shoot B

The second photoshoot was scheduled in the evening. During this visit, my goal was to photograph the 35th floor Sky Garden and exterior during blue hour. As soon as I had the shots I needed, I raced downstairs to capture the tower itself. Despite being the shortest shoot, it was the most challenging. The ‘blue hour’ light only lasts for about 20-30 minutes, so I didn’t have much time to photograph both spaces properly.

Shoot C

The last shoot was executed during the day under fair-weather conditions. Along with the full-height hero shot (featured image), various creative angles were included.