Where have I been?

Nick Ulivieri | 2.15.12

Well, It’s no secret I haven’t posted much on my blog lately. In addition to my client work, I’ve been so busy collaborating and contributing photos around other parts  that I’ve neglected my own.  

So if you’ve come here wondering if I’m still active – Yes I am, and here’s what I’m working on…

The Urban Times: I’m collaborating with the Urban Times on a feature we call #UrbanPixel.  Technically, I’m one of the editors, but for the most part I just provide the copy and the photos.  The team at The Urban Times is responsible for making it all come together! 

As we like to say, #UrbanPixel is: “A feature series on Urban Times that documents the issues and scenes of the urban landscape through photography. By visually representing an interesting topic, concern or element of our cities, we hope to create a catalogue of solutions-based content that treats the eye. We are encouraging participation from everyone! So if you feel you have the adequate photography and backstory, send us a tweet @theurbantimes, include the #UrbanPixel hashtag, and a link to the photo piece so we can re-tweet our favorites, and include them in future #UrbanPixel posts”

The Local Tourist: A while back I introduced the #ChicagoLandmarks project, which is an attempt to create a giant photo-mosaic of Chicago using 5,000+ photos I’ll capture over the next year – or two.  I’ve been blogging about my journey by posting photos and information spotlights on the buildings and landmarks I shoot for the project over at the Local Tourist.  You can read more about the project, and see the individual posts here > #ChicagoLandmarks

As always, you can keep up with everything I do on Facebook Twitter, and Flickr. I’m also now on Instagram > search: Nick Ulivieri