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2012 Storm Season – Top 10 Shots +1 for good luck

Nick Ulivieri | 10.28.12 With autumn making it’s presence felt, the storm season in Chicago is pretty much over. Despite the drought and lackluster storm activity in the area, there were a few beautifully photogenic storms that I had the opportunity to photograph from my balcony and rooftop. Below are my top 11 (one for…read more

Photo Tutorial & Gallery | How to photograph lightning at night

Nick Ulivieri | April 4, 2011 (UPDATED JULY 20, 2012)   Lightning is an “atmospheric discharge of electricity accompanied by thunder … A leader of a bolt of lightning can travel at speeds of 22,000 mph, and can reach temperatures approaching 54,000 °F ” From: Wikipedia.  The rest of the article has even more Impressive stuff.  It’s no wonder I’ve become…read more