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Jellies at the Shedd Aquarium

  UPDATE (12/11/14): On January 4, 2015 the Jellies exhibit at the Shedd Aquarium will be CLOSING! So if you still haven’t seen this exhibit, I highly recommend you visit soon soon.  Last night I had the pleasure of visiting the Shedd with some talented Instagrammers to take some final shots. Below, I’ve added some new photos…read more

The Power of the #Hashtag: Instagram, Part 2

Hashtags are everywhere these days, and no where are they more important than on Instagram. Adding hashtags to your post is the best way to make sure new ‘grammers find your photos when they’re searching hashtags on Instagram. In my second Instagram installment over on the Out Of Chicago blog, I cover a bunch of topics ranging…read more

Kick converging parallels to the curb

In architectural photography, converging parallels, also called “keystoning”, can make buildings appear as if they’re going to topple over – which usually isn’t a good thing if you’re creating commercial photos for a realtor, developer, or construction company. If you’re like me and want to get that “architectural” feel to your photos, read along as…read more

Photo tip | Leash for your Nikon ML-L3 Remote

Nick Ulivieri | 3.23.11 I have trouble keeping my tiny ML-L3 remote handy.  Especially when I’m outside shooting lighting, or every other time I’m using it really.  I always manage to put it in a different pocket when I move my tripod,  go to dab off errant water droplets, adjust food plates, etc.   So…read more