Flying over the Wrigley Renovations

For the Chicago Cubs it’s literally a rebuilding season. Despite being a fan all my life, I’m sad to say I have very few photographs of Wrigley ‘the way it was’. Now, my goal is to capture ‘how it will be’, so I figured a good time to start building my Wrigley Field photo collection was when it too was under construction.

On Sunday, Amy and I hopped a flight with Rotor Zen Helicopters to check out the bleachers, or lack there of, and buzz a few skyscrapers on our way to and from Midway.

In the featured photo, you’re looking straight down onto the brick wall that separates right field from the soon-to-be-built bleachers. It was pretty surreal. I can’t wait to see the replacements take shape! I might have to go back when the field is covered in snow – and the new bleachers begin taking shape.

If you want to see a few more aerial shots from our flight, I’ve got plenty here in this Flickr set.